French Quarter Balcony

Often when I travel people ask if my art studio is on Bourbon Street? A lot of people who haven’t visited think the French Quarter is Bourbon Street with its bars, joints, noise, and unique smells. The French Quarter is the Old City. Founded by the French in 1718 and built by the Spanish noblemen on the labor of slaves. It is above sea level as it was located on a hill near the river in a swamp. Katrina did not flood the Quarter. The old buildings shook by the winds and were damaged but repaired for the most part are still in use. Bourbon Street is just one area. Royal Street is distinguished by its antique and art galleries. Some of the antique shops are world renown, not to mention a few of the artists too. Charters Street has eateries, some as famous as the Napoleon House of old and K-Pauls Kitchen of the new. I paint in the French Quarter from time to time. Some of my more bought prints are of French Quarter landmarks. Most weekends I am there doing one thing or another but rarely am I on Bourbon Street. The Quarter to most of us is a special place filled with history and music. Great food, wonderful old buildings and a place like not other. If you visit walk around the entire area and see for yourself.