Eat Me Save The Marsh

Nutria: Eat Me Save The Marsh


     I am always asked about the Nutria having played many days in the Louisiana Swamps and cooked a few at a little swamp cafe. Back then as a lark I did a t shirt design with a cartoon face of a mean looking Nutria that said “Save The Nutria” but changed it to “‘Eat Me, Save The Marsh.”  Seems people are afraid of the little critters that I found on my forrays into the swamp to be timid and cute. As with most swamp animals cleaning them is a mess but not as bad as the 50 turtles I caught once. Turtle meat is sought by local Chefs, not Nutria. Yet Nutria can be used in several Creole receipes. I have suggested changing the name on Menus to Coypu and trying the meat in an Asian stir fry but all my suggestions seem to fall away. Below is a home based receipe used in a crock pot or on the stove to then served on rice or noodles. When we did this at the cafe it was with frozen meat caught and dressed right there. At times trappers would give away the carcuss wanting only the hide. Try it if you can find the frozen meat in a store.


Coypu Crock Pot

 About 2 cups Coypu dressed meat sometimes found in freezer at local stores.

The Creole Trinity of chopped onion, bell pepper, and celery, half a cup in equal portions.

Can of cut up tomatoes, or used the pre flavored diced ones, you pick the flavor.

Cut up carrots, about half a cup.

Cup of your favorite wine

Can of Chicken or beef broth

Clove of garlic, chopped

Pinch of salt and pepper.


  Wilt the Creole Trinity in pan then add and brown meat. Place the items in a crock pot and cook almost 2 hours to the meat is tender. Serve warm over rice or noodles with your favorite hot sauce and crusty French bread and butter. At the Cafe seems the patrons preferred egg noodles but I did not know why. To vary I have added additional local grown vegetables like Broccoli Rab or Cabbage.


 View those old t shirt designs at this link: