Secrets To Framing Art Prints Sunday, May 3 2009 

Jenny On Beach Frame

     After years of selling my art I have learned a few tricks to getting good looking frames at a reasonable cost. Too often clients tell me they love the inexpensive prints I sell but having them framed is expensive. I tell them, ” get the frame first.” Many art and craft stores have seasonal frame sales. Frames come in standard sizes, 8×10 and 11×14, some have mats in them too. I have been able to find 11×14 frames with a mat for as low as $15 on sale at many discount, import, and crafts stores. I also find “postcard size” collage frames 4×6 with one, two, or more places to put a 4×6 print in them. Clients can also use the greeting cards I sell  5×7 as small prints framed with a mat.

Postcard Frame

 First shop for a nice frame knowing what size prints are available, 4×6, 5×7, 8×10, 11×14. Be sure to know when the sale goes on and look for a frame with a mat. I also get discounted pre-framed prints and remove the store bought print and put in its place my prints. Above is a photo of an off size painting I did for my daughter, framed in a frame I found at a discount store with an existing food print at half price. The painting fits perfect into an existing frame and was $12.

 Framing a print need not be costly when you keep in mind to get prints to fit a standard frame. Look for frames first, on sale, then frame your print yourself.

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Royal St. Musicians Painting Friday, May 1 2009 

I posted information on my  “Art News”  blog about my painting of the Royal St. Musicians print sold on the web at both my shops on the web.

Street performing is associated historically with the Gypsies. Several Gypsy fortune tellers man the Tarot Card Reading Tables in the French Quarter of New Orleans. Mostly known for the Street Art, New Orleans has many fortune tellers, street musicians, and other street performers. Usually they perform for tips. Most are allowed to perform for free but painters are forced to get a license and sell only original paintings. Because they sell an object sales tax must be collected.The street performers are interesting subjects for artists and I have painted some on occasion, most recognized is a group of good musicians on Royal St.JK Schwehm, Art In The News, May 2009

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