Fig Street Wedding by Christy May Photography

Couples are wisely budgeting   the money they spend on their weddings. Using money saving ideas like  eloping to a public park, using Google to find and save on services like rentals and flowers, or simply getting married by a local officiant at their home.

Deciding to elope and combine the Honeymoon and marriage all in one trip is a money saving tip. Some cities will offer visitors week day discounts on hotel rooms, food, and other services needed to get married. New Orleans, La. is a place that during the week hotels offer discounts and getting married in one day is easy.  A local retired minister specializes in going to couples at their home or hotel for a quick wedding with no frills.

Meeting a wedding officiant in the historic French Quarter hotel and conducting a simple ceremony or at an old walkway, alley, park, or building has become the way to have a romantic elopement yet save the big costs of a more fancy wedding. People come from all over the USA and some as far as the United Kingdom to get married simply and fast in a beautiful spot in New Orleans then spend the Honeymoon enjoying the savings.

Plan on getting the facts before hand, Using the web to find a discounted hotel room, contacting the marriage license office to be sure you have the right documentation, and making an appointment with the Fig Street wedding minister is easy via  e-mail. The best way to save money is to take advantage of all the discounts offered.  Ask about them or search the web before you arrive and save money.

You can ask a friend to do the photos, and purchase flowers from a food store based florist saving money on those items. No need for a fancy wedding gown, a nice light colored dress and comfortable shoes with flowers in hand looks great. Saving money and having a memorable wedding is easy with help of the world wide web.

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New Orleans Wedding Officiant

Dr. Jerry Kenneth Schwehm served as as Justice of the Peace in 1990 to 1994 in  Slidell, Louisiana and was ordained in 1989 as a Lay Minister after serving as Elder and Deacon in his church for many years. He has a BA and JD from Louisiana State University (1972) and an Honorary Doctor of Divinity from a  local Bible Church in 1990. He has performed numerous wedding ceremonies and is available in the Greater New Orleans area to perform your personalized marriage ceremony. He will go to your location or at his office in Fig Studio. He may be contacted at