Pardon this somewhat vent. For ten years I have placed my New Orleans art on 4×4 ceramic tiles. Originally a friend asked about doing so as they felt the tiles were better display pieces then framed prints. The idea being they are more durable and cost effective. The paintings too could be made into murals. I began then to put my paintings on ceramic tiles and making specific designs for tiles. I used local images, local phrases, and experimented with things that conveyed the culture and history of New Orleans. The fleur de lis, the water meter cover, Jackson Square, old buildings are all on my tiles. The New Orleans Blue Letter Street Tiles in every letter and on shirts too.  At the time I was only aware of one place that sold tiles  and not old New Orleans designs.  Famous closed businesses that were New Orleans favorites and Pontchartrain Beach. Things I remembered from childhood. I then began to heavily market those ceramic tiles with old New Orleans images and my art. Eventually I began to see duplicates and now feel I have given birth to an industry in New Orleans. It seems there are many people making New Orleans centered tile coasters sold all over the French Quarter, some of the designs are of the beach I made up. I made up or created images of bathers and added in the words Pontchartrain Beach. These were to express the beach I remember growing up and are not real images from history or public images. Obviously duplicated from my collection. Some with silly sayings, some with made up ads, all things I created to express the images of my home town from times past. Those that were downloaded from my collection I was able to stop but those just duplicated by others not direct copies, I could not. Thus I realized I should be excited my creativity gave birth to an industry here in New Orleans. Local images on 4×4 ceramic tiles. I from time to time visit the other places tiles are now sold and always get amazed at their collection as it seems to duplicate mine.

The black cat I use in many places in New Orleans, at Mardi Gras or Jazz Fest appears in others. The more interesting one is the watermelon. I did several including the Loteria Card #28, La Sandia. I must have done 5 different watermelon designs and now Card #28 is appearing in others tiles?

Crawfish, Zydeco,masks, abound. But I am still making new designs every day so it maybe hard to keep up with me. As I place new designs and art in my collection I am sure others will follow. Giving birth to an industry is a good thing. Lets all go out and buy some ceramic tiles from New Orleans.