Some years after the Battle of New Orleans it was discovered that Marie Angel Beauchamp did escape the city to the New Orleans North Shore. There she was with her child in Mandeville and her cover story was simply her husband was killed in the battle of New Orleans. She stayed there in a cottage offered to her by the Marigny family. Raising her daughter with no full knowledge of her father Reniald Hicks, former cabin boy, privateer, and missing. The child was full of inquiry, wanting to know of her heritage, father, history of the city of her conception. Loving the full grown pines in the woods surrounding her cottage, the beautiful Lake Pontchartrain, the boats coming too and from the city.

Marie was careful what she was told. Her father a sailor and fought in the Battle of new Orleans never returned to her so they left for friends in Mandeville to avoid any social stigma. She seems to love the boats. They would bring building material, vegetables, and goods from the North Shore to New Orleans and she wanted so much to travel back to the city on one. She would watch the Lake in the evening in wonder.

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Copyright 2011, “The Daughter of Pirates Alley Ghost”  JK Schwehm