Swamp SunsetTook the Crescent in June to visit family. Really a nice ride. A little boring at times but fun to do. Looking forward to the return after several short rides here in the north east. I’ll be better prepared with a better camera on the return trip. I was prepared for the trip by reading several forums and blogs. Packed a little food and water, as the food on a train is expensive. Had a good book to read. A must on a long ride. Packed well for carry on  so all went well. Sleeping in the chair takes effort but can be done. rest room got a little messy at times but cleaned up at several of the longer stops. Biggest issue for me was a lady who talked loud on her cell phone most all trip to late at night, really, really loud and really long. I believe the train atendent talked with her as the next morning she spoke lower but still was on the phone the whole trip.  Most everyone else were quiet and friendly but I know that lady’s business well from her loud phone calls. Several seats away. Videos here- http://youtu.be/Ss5s2LyIHhY