I often get contacted about the New Orleans Street Tiles because I use the design elements in some art and some T-shirts. I also have made some similar ceramic tiles based on the orginals I sell on the web that can be used decoratively.  A lot of people want the original tiles so they can spell out their names with them in their home. Several artists do stylized paintings and signs mostly out of hardboard and acrylic. My ceramic tiles are made with a heat transfer process and are suitable for decorative purposes. The orginal old tiles used for street names are very durable. They are called ‘Encaustic tiles’. Encaustic tiles are unglazed, the design is not painted on with dyes or minerals, but dry or dust pressed from clays. Most ceramic tiles are surface decorated by painting or embossed designs created by a mold. Encaustic tiles are stronger in that their designs are inlaid and baked in the tile. The original tile company, believed to be The American Encaustic Tile Company of Ohio and New York was in operation from 1875 until 1935, closing with the depression. Several local ceramic shops make decorative tiles and hand paints letters on tile blanks the size of the originals and fires them. Most are not encaustic tiles but painted ceramic tiles that do not wear as long. There is a Spanish company that still makes similar blue lettered tiles but I do not know what company imports them now.  A lot of local New Orleans craftsman also make replicas and sell them on the web.  Ceramic shops in the area also make duplicates, those were recently used on Fontainbleu after the repairs to the street.

Victoria, B.C. also has tiles on the sidewalks but reverse colors, white letters with blue backgrounds made for them by the same tile company. They still have a few in stock but also ask contractors to save the tiles when work is done. They too have different leads in trying to get duplicates and say craftsmen now charge up to $100 for one duplicate tile. The process is time consuming and for just one tile it is costly. France still has homes with tile floors made in the same manner that look as good as new. In 1913 a fellow who visited New Orleans sent a letter to the NYT’s editor about the pretty New Orleans street name tiles here is the link: http://query.nytimes.com/mem/archive-free/pdf?res=9407E0DF1F3BE633A25754C0A9649D946296D6CF

I have replica tiles made from a heat transfer method. You can combine the individual tiles to spell out names or use as street numbers. I can also design a special tile for you.
Here is a link to the New Orleans Street tile designs I sell on the web: http://www.cafepress.com/figstreetstudio/434932

You can also have your name or street number made into a vinyl sticker that looks like the famous street tiles and can be put on your mail box. Or mount the 4.5 inch ceramic tiles for you name and house number. E-mail for details.

Blue Tile Hat
There are hats, shirts, ceramic tiles, stickers, magnets, and buttons that can be personalized with whatever you want to look like the street tiles. Just ask via e-mail for the details.

I also have the French Quarter Street Name Tile Murals for sale at http://www.cafepress.com/figstreetstudio/4855160. Those come in different sizes and are priced to sell. I discovered pirated copies being sold in the Quarter still with my name on them but bad copies downloaded from the web. I had to discount mine to meet the price of the pirated copies as I work that out legally.


I originally posted this information in my main blog some years back and with all the new posts it gets lost so I re-printed it here. Hope then it does not get lost again.

Blue Letter Tile Bumper Stickers

NOLA Bumper Sticker