I perform wedding ceremonies in the Greater New Orleans area, mostly the French Quarter. After 12 years of doing several per week I have accumulated a lot of knowledge and information. I am hoping to have time to share some of that knowledge here in this blog. Before getting started let me share some info about me. I  practiced law for about 23 years served as an assistant DA in New Orleans, an elected parish official, and a Justice of the Peace. I have real degrees from LSU not some web based fake credentials. I was ordained in the Presbyterian church initially but became a non-denominational lay minister in 1989.

Over the last 20 years I have had a lot of experience with weddings. I was asked in 2000 to get back to doing weddings as an officiant  by a local wedding planner.  I did it to help at her hotel and now do many for other local hotels and wedding planners.  Here are some references: http://www.weddingwire.com/reviews/fig-street-weddings-pearl-river/7581594f3af013fd.html

It is easy to get married in New Orleans. All you need is a license and then a ceremony before a registered officiant and 2 witnesses. No medical tests and no delay if you get married in New Orleans. Here is a link with forms that help you with what you need to get a license and married in New Orleans:  http://figstreet.com/weddings/licenseinfo09.html

The license is under $30 and is a state license that you can get from any Clerk of Court in Louisiana. You can get a license in a town close to you or at the New Orleans Office at Benson Towers in downtown New Orleans by the Super Dome. Be sure to know the office hours and days before you go as time and days are limited.Here is info on the offices in New Orleans: http://www.figstreet.com/guesthouse/new_orleans_marriage_license.htm

Once you have a license all you need is an appointment. For me I have a booking form and policy on my web page here:  http://www.figstreet.com/guesthouse/serviceagreement.html

There are busy times like in April and October but I try to help couples as much as I can and have other officiants who work with me if I cannot make a wedding. For more details look at this web page for helpful links and advice on getting married in New Orleans: http://www.figstreet.com/weddings/


I am always asked to suggest locations so I have a list and pictures on my web pages. I generally do weddings in the Quarter and City Park. There are small free areas in both places for a simple elopement.  Larger weddings should rent a place, like hotel, park, Jackson Square. Info about places is on my web page. If a lot of planning is needed I have a list of wedding planners on my links page. The links page also has links to photographers, flowers, and other things you may need at a wedding.

I will add in this blog a lot more information as I have time. A lot of details can be found on my web page and links listed there.  http://www.figstreet.com/guesthouse/weddings.html