Qui Que, Cajun French for Who Dat! Who Owns “Who Dat”? Friday, Feb 12 2010 

With all the big fuss  in January 2010 with the NFL over who can use “Who Dat” and a fleur de lis on shirts I made a design using Cajun French, “Qui Que” on shirts with a fleur de lis.  Initially the NFL stopped me selling them until the Senator wrote them a long letter and the Governor asked the AG to research the issue. Then the NFL backed off. I was floored as clearly a phrase I made up in bad French could not be a NFL trademark, but initially they claimed any black shirt with a fleur de lis until they were stopped by all the stuff the Sate was about to do, including passing a law over the issue.

How could they own the Fleur De Lis? So I went ahead and copyrighted my Cajun French Who Dat, Qui Que, made a bunch of designs and yes they sell all over the world.
See the newest design here- http://www.zazzle.com/cajun_qui_que_tshirt-235290796494586910

Who owns ‘WHO DAT!”  ????
To continue this “Who Dat” who owns the rights to what dat, a law firm in San Antonio TX now sends out letters claiming another group owns “Who Dat” and has tried to stop the use of any shirt that in any way has anything to do with the phrase.  Seems they think when a common use phrase is registered it is removed fully from the public lexicon. I copyrighted “Que Qui” not to stop others but to stop law firms from sending out nasty letters. I assume as the NFL backed off saying they own the Fleur De Lis this law firm will eventually stop sending those letters out too.
PS- Well seems the Texas Law  firm is sending out a bunch of letters, read this blog too-http://blog.wearyourstory.com/new-orleans/san-antonio-brothers-threaten-to-sue-storyville-claim-to-own-who-dat/ They too received a nasty letter about use of “Who Dat”. And started a campaign to defend ‘Who Dat”
PSS- All over New Orleans again people are up in arms over the two guys in Texas having a law firm send out letters to locals using the phrase “Who Dat”. The local news has carried stories about it and local shops are mounting a ribbon protest to wear to the Monday Night football game. So far all I can do is offer my designs with just a Fleur De Lis but Zazzle allows you to customize on the web so you can add whatever phrase you want, any number, any name to the shirts. I had to remove some because of the claims by others to own the fleu de lis and  the phrases we cheer with. So follow this link, add in whatever you like and Zazzle with print it and ship it direct to you.
Fig Street Studio designs logos. Zazzle custom apparel is created using the latest and most advanced technologies to give you the most complete custom apparel offering on the web! Choose from three different apparel processes, digital printing for small orders with unlimited colors, screen printing for the group t-shirts as low as $2.99/shirt, or custom embroidery for a professional garment with your logo artwork. Zazzle has over 400 styles and colors (including American Apparel), and shirts up to 6XL. If you need  a logo or shirt design e-mail jerry@figstreet.com.
Simple click on the yellow customize button and follow the edit text link, type in your changes to add text. Get familiar with it a minute and then you can add most anything to the fleur de lis. Here is a helpful link-http://zazzle.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/120

This link is to the lawsuit being held in Baton Rouge, LA over use of “Who Dat”- http://ht.ly/2G8bc

Seems the Texas group was sued locally for sending out the letters and now are defending what they are doing. A resolution to the issue may be on its way from Federal Court in Baton Rouge.

Replica French Quarter Street Name Murals Are Hand Made Friday, Nov 20 2009 

People ask about my replica tile murals found in the New Orleans French Quarter and how they are made. It is a long process. The originals are Spanish tiles given to the city of New Orleans in 1962. Some are falling apart. As the designs are public many artists take pictures of them and frame them for sale. I felt making a replica in ceramic tile was a neat idea. First I began by taking many pictures of several of the murals and bringing them to my studio where I could clean them up taking out pealed spots and blemishes. Using a photo software I fixed the colors and added my studio name at the bottom. The end result is a nice image I copyright as it took a lot of work to make those images and are not the originals but replicas. From there I have to properly size the image and cut it into small squares to fit on tiles. This is difficult and takes a lot of time to get the detail so it fits properly together. The smaller individual images are then fitted to special tiles that are made with a special risen and the images heat set at high temperature to make an individual tile. The several tiles then are fitted together to make a mural. On occasion I am also asked to personalize the design with a name or street address which follows the same process above. If you have a request e-mail it to info@figstreet.com and I may be able to make it for you.
Currently I have available Rue Chartres, Rue Borbon, Rue Orleans, and Place D”Arms. I can do the other street names using the same process but first would need to go fetch photographs of them to start the process.
Here is the link to the web page with the various ones available in several sizes- http://www.cafepress.com/figstreetstudio/4855160

All images sold and designed by Fig Street Studio are copyright and cannot be used, downloaded, or reproduced without permission. I mention this here as in the past someone took my fridge magnet images and re-made and sold them in violation of copyright laws.

Mardi Gras Kids Clothing Saturday, Feb 7 2009 

Throw Me Something

Throw Me Something



Mardi Gras celebrated in Europe for ages was brought to the USA by French and Spanish colonists, the first parade was in Mobile, Alabama, but later New Orleans celebrated Mardi Gras on a bigger scale. The current tradition people and families mask or costume in various styles and manners and walk around celebrating the last day before Lent. Fat Tuesday as it is called at times because no more meat to Easter. Children love to dress up for Mardi Gras and over the years we at Fig Street Studio have designed several comical shirts and sweatshirts for infants and kids of all ages see  http://www.cafepress.com/figstreetstudio/397084 for the many images found on shirts for Mardi Gras and especially the children’s designs, add a mask and you are all set for Mardi Gras.