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Handmade Replica Spanish Tile Murals Wednesday, Mar 10 2010 

People ask about my replica tile murals found in the New Orleans French Quarter and how they are made. It is a long process. The originals are Spanish tiles given to the city of New Orleans in 1962. Some are falling apart. As the designs are public many artists take pictures of them and frame them for sale. I felt making a replica in ceramic tile was a neat idea. First I began by taking many pictures of several of the murals and bringing them to my studio where I could clean them up taking out pealed spots and blemishes. Using a photo software I fixed the colors and added my studio name at the bottom. The end result is a nice image I copyright as it took a lot of work to make those images and are not the originals but replicas. From there I have to properly size the image and cut it into small squares to fit on tiles. This is difficult and takes a lot of time to get the detail so it fits properly together. The smaller individual images are then fitted to special tiles that are made with a special risen and the images heat set at high temperature to make an individual tile. The several tiles then are fitted together to make a mural. On occasion I am also asked to personalize the design with a name or street address which follows the same process above. If you have a request e-mail it to info@figstreet.com and I may be able to make it for you.
Currently I have available Rue Chartres, Rue Borbon, Rue Orleans, and Place D”Arms. I can do the other street names using the same process but first would need to go fetch photographs of them to start the process.
Here is the link to the web page with the various ones available in several sizes- http://www.cafepress.com/figstreetstudio/4855160

All images sold and designed by Fig Street Studio are copyright and cannot be used, downloaded, or reproduced without permission. I mention this here as in the past someone took my fridge magnet images and re-made and sold them in violation of copyright laws.

If you need a special tile mural made for your kitchen or bath e-mail me for a price quote. I have some already made and can easily set them up for you to purchase on the web.

See link for murals on other gifts and shirts: http://www.zazzle.com/figstreetstudio/mural+gifts

Murals applied to many shirts and gifts

Kitchen or Bath Tile Back Splash Ideas Thursday, Oct 29 2009 

Kitchen back splashes can be created from a variety of Fig Street Art Studio ceramic tiles. The favorite being the Spanish Tile Street Name Murals in the French Quarter. Using the many art tiles found at Fig Street Studio possibilities are endless. Find the designs you like for your Kitchen Back splash at the Cafe Press web page. From large back splash murals to budget friendly single tile designs you can put together yourself, using supplies of glue and grout found at home stores like Lowes. If you need to light up your back splash, home supply stores have those small tube lights for under the cabinet.
Follow this link for the pictures of the tile http://www.cafepress.com/figstreetstudio/397643

Can work well in bath too as tile mural back splash or in shower.

An elegant tile backsplash need not be expensive — Monday, Oct 5 2009 

An elegant tile backsplash need not be an expensive design element in your kitchen or bath. The homeowner can do it yourself easily by purchasing the art designed tiles offered by Fig Street Studio. Sold on the web for 9 years many families have purchased the tiles and applied them to the area behind the kitchen sink using supplies and additions found in all home stores like Lowe’s and Home Depot. Each store also sells the necessary glue and grout to mount the tiles and fill in the spaces between them. Using the white tile borders sold at those supply stores also allows the home owner to frame the art tiles. The studio will also do commission work and make a tile backsplash for the homeowner to match the kitchen or bath decor.
Mounting Tiles on Wall- Using a common Type 1 ceramic tile adhesive, clean the wall first with a good cleaner and be sure the wall is sound, not peeling or falling off. The tiles are 4.5 inches and light enough not to sag. For stronger adhesion use a non sagging mortar. Can use TSP ‘Trisoduim Phosphate’ solution and clean the wall then rinse thoroughly.

Review the many style tiles sold at Fig Street Studio here- http://www.cafepress.com/figstreetstudio/397643




New Orleans Spanish Tile Replicas Thursday, Feb 28 2008 


Spanish Talavera tiles are hand painted clay tiles that originated in the area of Talavera de la Reina, Spain. They are soft clay moulded and hand colored with a Arabic-Andalusian influence found throughout Spain. Some Spanish Potters brought the style with them to Mexico. The street name murals in the French Quarter were given to New Orleans in 1962 and some, due to weather and wear and tear from vistors touching them are falling apart. Visitors love the murals and take photographs of them. Now there are replica tiles designed by a local artist of the Rue Borbon, Rue Orleans, and Place de Arms tile murals. Others can be made. You can substitude your name in the street name, just e-mail for details and costs.

  Many of these original ceramic tile murals are breaking apart and look like they will be gone in a few years. This duplicate  mural will be a part of the history of New Orleans and can be used as a display, wall hanging, table top, or tile back in a kitchen or bath. Decorate you home in French Quarter style with fleur de lis and street name tiles sold at Fig Street Art Studio.
The French Quarter tile murals comes in several sizes and prices. The smallest is a single 4.5 inch square ceramic tile that is heat set with the design. Other sizes go up to a 27 x14 inch mural composed of 18 sq heat set ceramic tiles. The mural needs to be assembled either glued or set to a backing. Not for floors, just walls or display. Get yours today and have a piece of New Orleans history in your home. Other tiles and sizes are available see the Fig Street Studio tile store on the web..

Follow this link for more details and to order http://www.cafepress.com/figstreetstudio/4855160