American Association of Wedding Officiants: Dr. Anna Mock-Ward Tuesday, Mar 10 2015 

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Officiate My Wedding,   by Dr. Anna Mock-Ward is an ordained Reverend and has her Doctor of Divinity in Spiritual Counseling.  Dr. Ward performs wedding ceremonies in Windsor, PA and surrounding area.  Within her Wisdom Heart Ministry, she performs house blessings and counseling on spiritual concerns.  Dr. Ward has also served our Country in the United States Navy, and works on her writing and poetry in her spare time.

Fig Street Art Studio International Sales Tuesday, Dec 30 2014 

Through our store partner on the web we are able to sell art and gifts world wide. New Orleans art and gifts designed by local artist sold on the web.

Fig Street Studio International Sales

 Link To Fig Street Studio Store on web

Fig. Street Studio vende arte sul web. Pagine speciali in altri acquirenti aiuti lingue con l’arte locale.

Fig Street Studio verkauft Kunst auf dem Netz. Spezielle Seiten in anderen Sprachen Käufer mit Hilfe lokaler Kunst.

Fig Street Studio säljer konst på nätet. Speciella sidor på andra språk bistånds shoppare med lokal konst.

Star of David, Thanks Greeting Card by figstreetstudio

Browse Star Cards online at Zazzle.com88888888888888888888888888888
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“US online custom design and sales firm, Zazzle, is setting up a European HQ on Cork City’s Union Quay, capable of hosting 150-200 employees in an IDA-backed expansion.
The 15-year-old company, based in Redwood, California, has purchased a former converted warehouse building near City Hall and the South Mall, previously used by Kraft Foods, Guinness House and Cork law firm Henry PF Donegan. The deal — likely to be in the region of €1.5m —”
 Zazzle expansion allows us at Fig Street Studio to sell art and gifts in Germany, UK, Spain ,Japan and other countries world wide.

Make Money Selling My Art Tuesday, Dec 30 2014 

Everyone needs extra income either for a new something or to cover an added expense. If you love art but cannot really create art or draw and paint Fig Street Studio has an affiliate program that is free, easy to join, and makes 15% on all art sales. A tried and true tested program where you sign up, get an special number code and when sales occur of the art you get 15% commission. Local art shops sell art created by Fig Street Studio, other home business sell art from Fig Street Studio, why not sign up and see just how easy it is. Free to sign up then with a little effort sales begin to happen and slowly you grow. Create an art gallery on the web. Have access to many pieces of art. Design your gallery how you want to. Feature the type and style art you like. Inivite friends to visit your gallery. meet the artist. Learn about how he creates his art. Learn some sales secrets and soon you will slowly grow your sales.Income comes in part time. Work when you like.

Now here is what to do. Go here and sign up as an associate. . Select art from Fig Street Studio here:*. Market the art on your blog or social media account using the unique code given you at Zazzle. As a sale is made you receive 15% commission. Hints and ponters on how to get things going will appear in a Fig Street Studio Blog. When you sign up e-mail us for links on how to build your sales. Pointers and useful ideas will be posted on the blog and some help offered in gearing up. After that you can use your own ideas to sell art.
Fig Street Studio is a small local business not some big web page art empire like those poster sales you see on the web. Art is created often, new ideas from associates appreciated. Unique designs made. Join a small growing art business and make a commission.

2014 Blog Review Tuesday, Dec 30 2014 

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 2,700 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 45 trips to carry that many people.

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Crescent 20 train from New Orleans to Philadelphia Monday, Jul 1 2013 

Swamp SunsetTook the Crescent in June to visit family. Really a nice ride. A little boring at times but fun to do. Looking forward to the return after several short rides here in the north east. I’ll be better prepared with a better camera on the return trip. I was prepared for the trip by reading several forums and blogs. Packed a little food and water, as the food on a train is expensive. Had a good book to read. A must on a long ride. Packed well for carry on  so all went well. Sleeping in the chair takes effort but can be done. rest room got a little messy at times but cleaned up at several of the longer stops. Biggest issue for me was a lady who talked loud on her cell phone most all trip to late at night, really, really loud and really long. I believe the train atendent talked with her as the next morning she spoke lower but still was on the phone the whole trip.  Most everyone else were quiet and friendly but I know that lady’s business well from her loud phone calls. Several seats away. Videos here-

Who Owns Who Dat? Tuesday, Oct 30 2012 

Who owns ‘Who Dat’ may be answered


Posted on October 29, 2012 at 12:09 PM

Updated yesterday at 8:06 PM


NEW ORLEANS   WWL TV October 29, 2012  – During the Saints’ Super Bowl run, the issue caused an uproar among fans: who owns “Who Dat?”

Now, small businesses that were sued over use of the phrase say they have the answer, after all of the parties are now settling their lawsuits.

This week, on the eve of trial, all of the remaining parties, including Monogram Express, Storyville and Who Dat Yat Chat, settled their lawsuits with Who Dat, Inc. over who owns the trademark to the phrase “Who Dat.”

“The problem was during the whole time they told us we couldn’t sell things, it was in the prime of the Superbowl. So, it really hit us really hard financially,” said Keith Moody, owner of Monogram Express.

The NFL first sparked the controversy after they started seeing ‘Who Dat’ t-shirts coming from Monogram Express. It was after that that Who Dat, Inc. got involved.

‘I’m from the Lower 9th ward, I’ve been using the term ‘Who Dat’ since I was a toddler,” said local attorney Darleen Jacobs.

She owns a still-shuttered diner in Violet. She had originally named it Who Dat Yat Chat, but when Who Dat, Inc. sued over it, she had to take the rest of the sign down, but not anymore.

“The net effect of the settlement is that nobody owns Who Dat,” Jacobs said.

New Orleans Justice of the Peace Weddings Tuesday, Apr 5 2011 

New Orleans  does not have Justices of the Peace as they were no longer needed when the city courts system was created. Justices of the Peace evolved from history in England and was instituted in America, George Washington was a Justice of the Peace in Virginia. Louisiana does have active Justice of the Peace courts mostly in rural Parishes.  Historically the JP was used to conduct civil weddings for people who did not want to be married in a church. Generally the marriage ceremony is short just to comply with the law and some couples later on get the marriage blessed by the church. A JP can perform longer ceremonies if they like but most prefer just to do a short civil ceremony. Jerry Schwehm served as Justice of the Peace for several years north of New Orleans and performed many civil ceremonies over the last  20 years. He does weddings in New Orleans both short civil or religious. He can be contacted at his home page: He will meet you at your location or you can meet him at his office in Pearl River, La. to get married. You need a Louisiana marriage license.

The Daughter of the Ghost In Pirates Alley Wednesday, Mar 23 2011 

Some years after the Battle of New Orleans it was discovered that Marie Angel Beauchamp did escape the city to the New Orleans North Shore. There she was with her child in Mandeville and her cover story was simply her husband was killed in the battle of New Orleans. She stayed there in a cottage offered to her by the Marigny family. Raising her daughter with no full knowledge of her father Reniald Hicks, former cabin boy, privateer, and missing. The child was full of inquiry, wanting to know of her heritage, father, history of the city of her conception. Loving the full grown pines in the woods surrounding her cottage, the beautiful Lake Pontchartrain, the boats coming too and from the city.

Marie was careful what she was told. Her father a sailor and fought in the Battle of new Orleans never returned to her so they left for friends in Mandeville to avoid any social stigma. She seems to love the boats. They would bring building material, vegetables, and goods from the North Shore to New Orleans and she wanted so much to travel back to the city on one. She would watch the Lake in the evening in wonder.

{ For more on the back story see:}

Copyright 2011, “The Daughter of Pirates Alley Ghost”  JK Schwehm

My information at Saturday, Mar 19 2011 

New Orleans Artist and Art Studio

I have an informational page at from time to time I get e-mail requests from them for graphic designs, mostly cards so I recommend them, follow the link to sign up-print design

New Orleans Artist and Art Studio 

New Orleans Artist and Art Studio

Fig Street Art Studio is the home of New Orleans artist Jerry Schwehm. We do prints, graphic design, portraits, and more art for personal or business. We sell art, shirts, and gifts on the web see…

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New Orleans Art on Ceramic Tiles Sunday, Jan 9 2011 

Pardon this somewhat vent. For ten years I have placed my New Orleans art on 4×4 ceramic tiles. Originally a friend asked about doing so as they felt the tiles were better display pieces then framed prints. The idea being they are more durable and cost effective. The paintings too could be made into murals. I began then to put my paintings on ceramic tiles and making specific designs for tiles. I used local images, local phrases, and experimented with things that conveyed the culture and history of New Orleans. The fleur de lis, the water meter cover, Jackson Square, old buildings are all on my tiles. The New Orleans Blue Letter Street Tiles in every letter and on shirts too.  At the time I was only aware of one place that sold tiles  and not old New Orleans designs.  Famous closed businesses that were New Orleans favorites and Pontchartrain Beach. Things I remembered from childhood. I then began to heavily market those ceramic tiles with old New Orleans images and my art. Eventually I began to see duplicates and now feel I have given birth to an industry in New Orleans. It seems there are many people making New Orleans centered tile coasters sold all over the French Quarter, some of the designs are of the beach I made up. I made up or created images of bathers and added in the words Pontchartrain Beach. These were to express the beach I remember growing up and are not real images from history or public images. Obviously duplicated from my collection. Some with silly sayings, some with made up ads, all things I created to express the images of my home town from times past. Those that were downloaded from my collection I was able to stop but those just duplicated by others not direct copies, I could not. Thus I realized I should be excited my creativity gave birth to an industry here in New Orleans. Local images on 4×4 ceramic tiles. I from time to time visit the other places tiles are now sold and always get amazed at their collection as it seems to duplicate mine.

The black cat I use in many places in New Orleans, at Mardi Gras or Jazz Fest appears in others. The more interesting one is the watermelon. I did several including the Loteria Card #28, La Sandia. I must have done 5 different watermelon designs and now Card #28 is appearing in others tiles?

Crawfish, Zydeco,masks, abound. But I am still making new designs every day so it maybe hard to keep up with me. As I place new designs and art in my collection I am sure others will follow. Giving birth to an industry is a good thing. Lets all go out and buy some ceramic tiles from New Orleans.


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