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This blog seems to be a jumble of this and that from my art studio. Just stuff with no real ability to follow. I managed to discover a somewhat list of contents I placed on the left side with a few of the more interesting posts. It does have a list by month and year but without what is there, so it is like a pig and poke to find something. If I ever learn how to use this blog I will try to get a good contents up on the left so interesting posts can be found. I’ve been working on it in spare time for years so do not expect it to appear quickly. It is a learning process.

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New Orleans Water Meter Custom Shoes from Friday, Apr 16 2010 

New Orleans Water Meter Custom Shoes from

New Orleans Water Meter kedsshoe
New Orleans Water Meter by figstreetstudio
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Interest has gained since Hurricane Katrina in two unofficial symbols of New Orleans, the Fleur De Lis and the New Orleans Water Meter Cover, both are things I have used in my art for many years. The Ford Box Water Meter Cover was designed in 1920 just to be different for water meters used in New Orleans. The designer does not claim ownership of the design and artists for a long time have made it into art, hats, ornaments, and jewelry. There are several other water meter cover designs in New Orleans but the favorite is the Star and Crescent design. I have shoes with the design both men amd women at Zazzle.

New Orleans Irish Channel Thursday, Feb 18 2010 

New Orleans Irish Channel Kiss Me Cartoon Head-

Settled largely by immigrants from Ireland in the early 19th century, no one is certain where the name ” Irish Channel” originated. Many people of other ethnicities, including German, Italian, and African American, living nearby each other make the New Orleans neighborhood diverse. Yet on St.Patrick’s Day all become Irish again.

I created a cartoon man I call Tuba Head as at first he carried a tuba on his head in fun of the name called tuba players in marching bands. I had him visit New Orleans favorite spots and dressed him up is New Orleans style clothing. Here he has an Irish Hat on for the festivities in the New Orleans Irish Channel. Minus his trademark tuba.

The Blue Crawfish Friday, Feb 12 2010 

The big storm displaced plenty people from Louisiana and the Gulf Coast. Some too far away from when the Saints finally won the Super Bowl. To honor those people who still love our swampy land but are too far away to enjoy all that it offers I created the “Blue Crawfish”. I hope that it displays the feelings of all who are displaced but still carry the love of our area in their hearts.

I have this and many other designs at my Cafe Press and Zazzle Shops on the web.

1. Zazzle-

2. Cafe Press-

New Orleans Blue Letter Street Tiles Friday, Feb 12 2010 

WHO DAT Tiles Fleur bumpersticker
WHO DAT Tiles Fleur by figstreetstudio
New Orleans Blue Letter Street Tile Designs

For years one of my favorite design elements has been the famous New Orleans Blue Letter Street tiles. I have duplicated the tiles and effect on many shirts and gift items. Lately with ” Who Dat” being a favorite phrase I did new designs for shirts. The Blue Letter Street Tile designs are a  local favorite. Take a look here- And look at the names, streets, and phrases I do in the tile designs.

I sometime ago wrote a history of how the tiles began in this blog at-

Fig Street Studio has sold art and shirts on the web since 1997. I first used those design elements using a homemade silk screen in college in the ’60’s but since I retired in 1997 I began doing a lot more art and using the more modern computer method for graphic art. All my designs are copyrighted and cannot be downloaded or used without permission. Several times I found crafters using my art on their products and had to stop them. I do designs on commission when asked. Have your name made into a Spanish Tile Mural or New Orleans Street Tiles just e-mail for details.

Downloading My Art Off The Web Is Prohibited Sunday, Nov 29 2009 

As a follow up to my blog post about me discovering 2 crafters this month downloading my art off the web I want to mention how I know it was clearly mine. Most of my fine art is signed and a lot of my graphic art shows Fig Street Studio on the image. The ones I do that do not have a name on them have clear marks I put in them. For example my Pontchartrain Beach design above. It is an adaptation of an ad run in a local newspaper in the 1950’s. The original black and white image has a clown face and the words “Fun at Pontchartrain Beach” and in the background a hand drawn image of the Zephyr Roller Coaster. My adaptation has a similar clown face I drew, one of the bigger differences is the hat on mine is different than the original and the background in mine is an old aerial photo cut down to one color matching the clown and in different font “Fun, Pontchartrain Beach”. The other Pontchartrain Beach images are fashioned from clip art and me adding in the words Pontchartrain Beach working the images so I know I did them. Those are not based in any historical image of the beach, but me selecting images to use. Pontchartrain Beach is not a trademark and in the public domain, my art work is my work product and thus copyrighted by me. All of it takes time and thought so the people who just download it without permission and use it on products will get caught and I will sue to stop them.
The issue is not new I ran into it in the past and will do a separate blog on the past incidents. However the reason it has happen recently is due to how Cafe Press is presenting the products I sell through them. They recently re-designed the presentation of the products using a larger un-protected image then in the past. The old images were too small and fell apart after downloading then enlarging them. They were so blurry they could not be used. The new presentation the images are larger and do not fall apart as badly so they reproduce up to 4 inches slightly blurry. Large enough for smaller crafts like fridge magnets. I have e-mailed Cafe Press to alert them my images need to have a water mark or be prevented from downloading like other companies do my art on the web.
The recent discover of my art being wrongfully used is gross as a lot of the images clearly have my name, mark, or Fig Street Studio on them yet were reproduced on products I also sell. Thus the person who took them has no work product or time in those images and sells them less. Selling my hard work in competition with me on products I also sell. Copyright is a lot easier to enforce now and so happens my brother-in-law does that legal work. As I no longer practice law, I gave it up to do art, he is consulted when this happens. I just hope the people who hijack my art realize I do things to clearly know it is mine and I take steps to protect my copyright. If you see my art being sold let me know via e-mail so I can prevent the wrongful taking of my art.

Some information on copyright by Brad Templeton-

White Wing, Pirate of the Rigolets Friday, Jul 17 2009 

 Named for the birds that frequent the waterway that allows access to the Gulf of Mexico from Lake Pontchartrain was a pirate. Not as familiar as the pirates of Barataria Bay, White Wing plied the waters at the mouth of Rigolets Pass using the marsh as his escape. He survived for about 2 years and no one really knows if he was killed or joined Jean Lafitte in his move west. To celebrate this relatively unknow pirate I made graphic designs at-

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Blogger Info Friday, Jul 17 2009 

Fig Street Art Studio - Blogged

Jazz Fest Fridge Magnet Thursday, Apr 30 2009 

NEW ORLEANS - APRIL 24:  Leroy Jones & the Fai...
Image by Getty Images via Daylife
 Many Jazz Fest designs sold at Fig Street Studio
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Art In The News: Royal Street Musicians Monday, Apr 27 2009 

The famous Rue Bourbon, or Bourbon Street, is ...
Image via Wikipedia

I found this fascinating French Quarter story today:

Throughout the French Quarter are Street Musicians who play day and night. Many are regulars for years and excellent musicians. I painted the banjo player years ago but you can see musicians playing there today and everyday. Music fills the streets of the Quarter.JK Schwehm, Art In The News, Apr 2009

You should read the whole article.

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