Fleur De Lis Tile Decorations Friday, Feb 6 2009 


 Fig Street Studio Fleur De Lis Tiles

Fig Street Studio Fleur De Lis Tiles




Our Fleur-De-Lis designs are available  for decorating  your home and patio areas. Used as backsplases in the kitchen or bath, decoration on the patio or front porch.  Fig Street Studio is the quality place   for many Fleur De Lis designs on tiles, gifts, hats, shirts and more.

  These ceramic tile designs have been designed for all the occasions  like Christmas decorations, Mardi Gras, Jazz Fest and more.  For all occasions these tile masterpieces  are unique in design and different in style. Other Fleu de Lis items include stickers, mouse pads, clocks, signs, posters, buttons, pillows, shirts, and more.

  Designed by a New Orleans artist these designs represent New Orleans, French Quarter best in art and decorations. Sold on the web world wide and used to decorate home, street addresses, front steps and more nicely designed aspect of your home. Make it look like the French Quarter with unique quality Fleur De Lis tiles by Fig Street Studio. Any of the art works at Fig Street Studio can be made into a ceramic tile mural that can be used as decoration or as a back splash in kitchen or bath see samples at http://www.cafepress.com/figstreetstudio/4982284

Fleur De Lis Tile Monday, May 19 2008 

Fleur De Lis Tile

The several fleur de lis designs on tiles offered at Fig Street Art Studio made the news recently at TOPIX. Google has them listed high up in the search engine under ‘fleur de lis tile”. The many new designs are selling well both on tiles and t-shirts. The designs are specially made in a French style to go along with the French Quarter and French Market in New Orleans. Signs, tiles, stickers, ornaments, shirts and more gifts are available with the Fleur De Lis designs at Fig Street Studio. Stop in and take a look at the at http://www.cafepress.com/figstreetstudio/1925039

New Orleans Spanish Tile Replicas Thursday, Feb 28 2008 


Spanish Talavera tiles are hand painted clay tiles that originated in the area of Talavera de la Reina, Spain. They are soft clay moulded and hand colored with a Arabic-Andalusian influence found throughout Spain. Some Spanish Potters brought the style with them to Mexico. The street name murals in the French Quarter were given to New Orleans in 1962 and some, due to weather and wear and tear from vistors touching them are falling apart. Visitors love the murals and take photographs of them. Now there are replica tiles designed by a local artist of the Rue Borbon, Rue Orleans, and Place de Arms tile murals. Others can be made. You can substitude your name in the street name, just e-mail for details and costs.

  Many of these original ceramic tile murals are breaking apart and look like they will be gone in a few years. This duplicate  mural will be a part of the history of New Orleans and can be used as a display, wall hanging, table top, or tile back in a kitchen or bath. Decorate you home in French Quarter style with fleur de lis and street name tiles sold at Fig Street Art Studio.
The French Quarter tile murals comes in several sizes and prices. The smallest is a single 4.5 inch square ceramic tile that is heat set with the design. Other sizes go up to a 27 x14 inch mural composed of 18 sq heat set ceramic tiles. The mural needs to be assembled either glued or set to a backing. Not for floors, just walls or display. Get yours today and have a piece of New Orleans history in your home. Other tiles and sizes are available see the Fig Street Studio tile store on the web..

Follow this link for more details and to order http://www.cafepress.com/figstreetstudio/4855160