Cool Kids Clothing Saturday, Feb 7 2009 

Kids clothing is expensive and most kids wear things a month and it is too small. Cool Kids T-Shirts are an easy to get and great for what a child to wear. Inexpensive, fashionable, and can be personalized for your child. Stop in and see the many designs and ask them to make a shirt especially for your child. Cool Kids Clothing at Fig Street Art Studio from New Orleans artists to your child. Cool Kids Clothing


Cute Crawfish Apron Thursday, May 15 2008 


Pinch Me Crawfish

What design catches on and what one doesn’t has always  been a big mystery to me.  My all time favorite crawfish design was “Suck What?”Such What Crawfishbut in the past 90 days this cute little crawfish with “Pinch Me” on aprons and kids clothing has been selling like crazy. It is a nice little crawfish and I have several or rather many crawfish designs on my pages both at Zazzle and Cafe Press. The “Got Crawfish”Got Crawfish?does well all the time but for now the cute little crawfish’s with “Pinch Me” is selling on many products at both stores on the web.

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