The Fleur De Lis and New Orleans Weddings Friday, Jan 7 2011 

The Fleur De Lis is a recurring theme in many New Orleans Weddings.  Both the  City of New Orleans and the beloved New Orleans Saints NFL football team use the fleur de lis as a symbol. I have noticed an increased use of the fleur de lis at many weddings in New Orleans. It shows up on invitations, on napkins, decorations, and even cakes. I am sure there is a wedding dress too with it  embroidered on and a necklace or pin attached. The fleur de lis is also a recurring them in my art and I have created many designs that can be used in invitations, cards, and more. Here is a web page with them, and some links to them below.

New Orleans Weddings

Dr. Jerry Kenneth Schwehm served as as Justice of the Peace in 1990 to 1994 in  Slidell, Louisiana and was ordained in 1989 as a Lay Minister after serving as Elder and Deacon in his church for many years. He has a BA and JD from Louisiana State University (1972) . He has performed numerous wedding ceremonies both as a Justice of the Peace and Clergyman. He is available in the Greater New Orleans area to perform your personalized marriage ceremony. He will go to your location or at his office in Fig Studio. He may be contacted at the below web page.

For more information on getting married in New Orleans see my weddings web page-

Art Sales Tumble Friday, Mar 6 2009 

Listening to MSNBC and CNBC yesterday a commentator said to cut back on unnecessary spending, save, as things will get worse. I noticed with all the talk the last few months art sales have tumbled to about 40% of what they were last year this time. I am sure things are bad as we read about GM going belly up but I never did sell big ticket items that ate gasoline like I like to eat ice cream, several gallons a minute. I always lived responsible and never owned a big SUV gas guzzler, yatch, swimming pool, or condo in Spain. Although the condo in Spain does sound like a good idea now. My retirement acount is also about half its value now, but I am sure GW will have no problems with his retirement now. It feels good to point out to my friends all those wars cost us our savings, not his.
To combat the falling art sales I have discounted deeply and hope people see that art does not cost much, does not burn gasoline, sits comfortably on a wall and causes us to relax. Something we can do as our elected officials move forward to correct the past mistakes. I am turning off MSNBC and CNBC to save electricity in my part of cutting back. Only news I am interested in is art history and painting something new.  How about a portrait of your puppy?

Cool Kids Clothing Saturday, Feb 7 2009 

Kids clothing is expensive and most kids wear things a month and it is too small. Cool Kids T-Shirts are an easy to get and great for what a child to wear. Inexpensive, fashionable, and can be personalized for your child. Stop in and see the many designs and ask them to make a shirt especially for your child. Cool Kids Clothing at Fig Street Art Studio from New Orleans artists to your child. Cool Kids Clothing


Fleur De Lis Tile Decorations Friday, Feb 6 2009 


 Fig Street Studio Fleur De Lis Tiles

Fig Street Studio Fleur De Lis Tiles




Our Fleur-De-Lis designs are available  for decorating  your home and patio areas. Used as backsplases in the kitchen or bath, decoration on the patio or front porch.  Fig Street Studio is the quality place   for many Fleur De Lis designs on tiles, gifts, hats, shirts and more.

  These ceramic tile designs have been designed for all the occasions  like Christmas decorations, Mardi Gras, Jazz Fest and more.  For all occasions these tile masterpieces  are unique in design and different in style. Other Fleu de Lis items include stickers, mouse pads, clocks, signs, posters, buttons, pillows, shirts, and more.

  Designed by a New Orleans artist these designs represent New Orleans, French Quarter best in art and decorations. Sold on the web world wide and used to decorate home, street addresses, front steps and more nicely designed aspect of your home. Make it look like the French Quarter with unique quality Fleur De Lis tiles by Fig Street Studio. Any of the art works at Fig Street Studio can be made into a ceramic tile mural that can be used as decoration or as a back splash in kitchen or bath see samples at

Fleur De Lis Tile Monday, May 19 2008 

Fleur De Lis Tile

The several fleur de lis designs on tiles offered at Fig Street Art Studio made the news recently at TOPIX. Google has them listed high up in the search engine under ‘fleur de lis tile”. The many new designs are selling well both on tiles and t-shirts. The designs are specially made in a French style to go along with the French Quarter and French Market in New Orleans. Signs, tiles, stickers, ornaments, shirts and more gifts are available with the Fleur De Lis designs at Fig Street Studio. Stop in and take a look at the at

New Orleans Spanish Tile Replicas Thursday, Feb 28 2008 


Spanish Talavera tiles are hand painted clay tiles that originated in the area of Talavera de la Reina, Spain. They are soft clay moulded and hand colored with a Arabic-Andalusian influence found throughout Spain. Some Spanish Potters brought the style with them to Mexico. The street name murals in the French Quarter were given to New Orleans in 1962 and some, due to weather and wear and tear from vistors touching them are falling apart. Visitors love the murals and take photographs of them. Now there are replica tiles designed by a local artist of the Rue Borbon, Rue Orleans, and Place de Arms tile murals. Others can be made. You can substitude your name in the street name, just e-mail for details and costs.

  Many of these original ceramic tile murals are breaking apart and look like they will be gone in a few years. This duplicate  mural will be a part of the history of New Orleans and can be used as a display, wall hanging, table top, or tile back in a kitchen or bath. Decorate you home in French Quarter style with fleur de lis and street name tiles sold at Fig Street Art Studio.
The French Quarter tile murals comes in several sizes and prices. The smallest is a single 4.5 inch square ceramic tile that is heat set with the design. Other sizes go up to a 27 x14 inch mural composed of 18 sq heat set ceramic tiles. The mural needs to be assembled either glued or set to a backing. Not for floors, just walls or display. Get yours today and have a piece of New Orleans history in your home. Other tiles and sizes are available see the Fig Street Studio tile store on the web..

Follow this link for more details and to order

The Fleur De Lis as The Symbol of New Orleans Tuesday, Jun 26 2007 

The Merovigian King Clovis, first king of the Franks, is said to have been given a golden lily by an Angel when he converted to Christianity beginning the use of the Fleu De Lis as a symbol of French Royalty. Today the Fleur De Lis has mushroomed up all over New Orleans as a symbol of the rebirth of the City after Hurricane Katrina. The Fleur De Lis can be found in every shop in the city as ear rings, key chains, ceramic tiles and on all sorts of T-shirts. Artists have integrated it into designs and abstract paintings, tourists take the image home as a remembrance of their visit and of course three are centrally placed in the official flag of the City of New Orleans. The use of the Fleur De Lis has been documented throughout history . Joan of Arc, Maid of Orleans carried a white banner of God blessing the Fleur De Lis in her battles. It has been used as emblem of the Virgin Mary and Holy Trinity by the Church, and various military units, including the United States Army, use it to denote power and strength. The Fleur De Lis used for centuries in Heraldry now has become the unofficial symbol of the City of New Orleans.

I have used the Fleur De Lis in my art and crafts for several years but lately interest has gained and I sell many ceramic tiles, aprons, and stickers with the design on them see my page at for samples.

Fleur De Lis

Fleur De Lis

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The Fleur De Lis of the New Orleans Saints Football Team

Since 1967 the NFL New Orleans Saints football team has used a version of the Fleur De Lis on their uniforms. It is an old gold color with white outline on black most times but white uniforms are sometimes worn. In the winning season of 2009 the NFL began a campaign to stop the use of any fleur de lis on any garment or product claiming it violated their trademark. Many complained and in fact a US Senator also sent the NFL a letter saying that the Fleur De Lis could not be just an NFL desing trademark and they ultimately backed off. That action though removed a lot of my and other artists designs as who would want to fight the corporate power of the NFL? None of us local artists make a lot of money off one single design or product but the many art designs and products that represent new Orleans not a particular team, or entity. So it is never economically feasible for a small local artist to fight in court a giant corporation on anyone who spends money just to stop or isolate an artist from doing a particular art work. To me the ability to threaten legal action against an artist to stop art is a bad thing but that is the direction this country is headed. Eventually only a few well sponsored groups will produce art and thus the art limited to what is then sponsored. The days of little known local artists making a small contribution to the art world my be nearing an end.

The threat of suit made me design a Cajun French version of the fleur de lis retaining black and gold and this design has so far remained un-attacked by the NFL or any other party. But as always I sell just a few not enough to defend it against any law suit. I will keep you posted here if anyone sends me a complaint about it.

Both the Water Meter Cover and Fleur De Lis in one image-