Art News Blog Sunday, Apr 26 2009 

 I somewhat keep a running list of art and graphic designs I have done in a blog I call “Art News”. It started out as some odd news articles for April Fools Day but was an easy place to add in an announcement of what new designs I made. When Twitter came along I could add in all my Tweets. So it is a busy place with a lot of short blog entries but a good place to learn and see a lot of my graphic designs. Whenever I do a new design I add in a picture and link to it and I also add in other older designs as people ask about them. Here is that link-

Big Red Streetcar Painting Sunday, Apr 26 2009 



In the fall of 2006 I painted a big red streetcar mural for a nice New Orleans themed restaurant in Athens, GA. and kept a blog on its progress. I did not want to repeat the long blog here so I thought I would just add the link here. Stop in and read how it was done-

Family and friends have stopped in and ate, said the food is good and the painting is fine.

The Piano and Chair Thursday, Apr 9 2009 

Piano and Chair


Once when I lived on Fig Street my neighbor was trying to give away an old piano. It wasn’t easy because they are so heavy and costly to repair no one wanted to bother with it. She was telling me all about it and I said I’ll take it. All I had were the electronic keyboards, it would be nice to have an old piano. Well I quickly learned why no one wanted to bother. I got it to the front sidewalk and had to call for help. My son and several of his friends arrived and we pushed it to my front steps then rested as going up was not easy. We made it up and set it inside with my old chair in the living room. A friend is a piano tuner and he came buy to tell me the poor old piano was too old and worn to bother tuning. So what, I couldn’t play well either so we were a perfect match.

I usually paint on a painting table that was set up across the room from the old piano and chair. One day I was painting the Mississippi Queen River Boat with a lot of detail and had to rest. As I looked off to rest my eyes I saw the old piano and chair with my shoes on the floor. To me it looked just like something Van Gogh would paint. He painted his room, chairs, shoes, almost anything that sat still. So I quickly sketched it onto an old piece of paper sitting on the table I used to clean off white paint from my brush, not thinking I would actually finish it. As I sketched then painted it started looking good until I began to shake. If I do not stop to eat I begin to shake from some sort of sugar problem. I finished the painting but was a little upset with the squiggley and shaking lines in it. I put it on the side went to eat and basically forgot about it. As I cleaned up the painting table from the original riverboat painting I saw the Old Piano and Chair so I put it in a cheap frame but did not hang it up. My son saw it and said he thought it was fine and the squiggley lines did make it look Van Gogh like. Maybe Van Gogh had a sugar problem? A friend stop by once and said it was her favorite. So I never really know what a painting would do or how it would affect someone. Mostly I paint for the fun of doing it. Oh, the Old Piano is no more we finally gave it away too, so I am glad I took a rest from painting that day and did the Old Piano and Chair.

Tooker’s Camp on the Pearl River by Indian Village Landing Thursday, Mar 26 2009 

 For  several years I canoed along the Pearl River and often put in the river at the landing in Indian Village. It was close to a part of the swamp with many camps and a good spot to put out turtle traps. I took several photographs with the intention of painting things as I saw them. One of the main attractions was “Tooker’s Camp”. Tooker was a colorful fellow with a made up hot tub on his front porch and a stop sign. Of that collection of photos I got around to painting his camp but made it up as a starry night with a fried egg moon. The painting is sold as prints, cards, tiles, and many gift items. Recently the entire area was featured in a musical video by Sheryl Crow.  I have more photos of the swamp and a lot of stories I’ll get around too one day posting the stories and maybe even finishing the paintings.

Bourbon Street Is Not The French Quarter Friday, May 23 2008 

French Quarter Balcony

Often when I travel people ask if my art studio is on Bourbon Street? A lot of people who haven’t visited think the French Quarter is Bourbon Street with its bars, joints, noise, and unique smells. The French Quarter is the Old City. Founded by the French in 1718 and built by the Spanish noblemen on the labor of slaves. It is above sea level as it was located on a hill near the river in a swamp. Katrina did not flood the Quarter. The old buildings shook by the winds and were damaged but repaired for the most part are still in use. Bourbon Street is just one area. Royal Street is distinguished by its antique and art galleries. Some of the antique shops are world renown, not to mention a few of the artists too. Charters Street has eateries, some as famous as the Napoleon House of old and K-Pauls Kitchen of the new. I paint in the French Quarter from time to time. Some of my more bought prints are of French Quarter landmarks. Most weekends I am there doing one thing or another but rarely am I on Bourbon Street. The Quarter to most of us is a special place filled with history and music. Great food, wonderful old buildings and a place like not other. If you visit walk around the entire area and see for yourself.

Fame ! Monday, Mar 20 2006 

JK Schwehm A friend once said when some media outlet reviews your art you will become famous. I assumed that he meant my art was good but lately it seems people just need someone else to tell them that a certain art work is good or worthy of attention. Take the little Christmas Tree Ornament I made this year for my yearly collection. Without my studio I just used some computer graphics and a little creativity to come up with a colorful statement to return and rebuild New Orleans after the storm. It ended up in the newspaper and I sold a few hundred. Generally I like to paint a new New Orleans landmark and add it to the yearly Christmas Ornament collection. A way of introducing people to my paintings using a nice ceramic gift item. I always felt the more people saw my paintings the more I would become a recognized artist. Recognition is my goal, fame may be too dangerous. None of my paintings on ornaments ever got as much recognition as that little ornament after the storm, but because of it I have more people looking at my art. Even sold a few of those, I assume to people who do not need their art validated by a newspaper article. So take some time and look at my art and see if it merits your recognition? Fig Street Studio